How to create an easy side business and earn extra income.

What does it take to earn a little extra income? Stories about successful easy side business are plentiful, but why aren’t you seeing that success? Maybe you’re that guy browsing Reddit foolishly clicking those case studies? Or, do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with your best and newest fool-proof idea? If so, you’re a Grade-A entrepreneur and you think outside the box. This article will show you exactly how to start using your gift as an entrepreneur and start earning $400 extra every month.

Easy Side Business. Getting there.

So, how do you get there? We live in an entrepreneurial age where it seems like there’s a new millionaire every day, but why don’t those millions make their way to your bank account? How do you go from browsing Reddit and Imgur to hacking your way to a little extra money/month? How does one overcome and succeed.. finally!?

There are a million + 1 ideas out there! You know what, the best ideas have already been thought of. There’s 7 billion people out there, and a huge pool of those people are thinking, breathing human beings, looking to succeed and make their way through life better and richer than their parents did. That’s why, ideas aren’t a problem. You ask any Venture Capitalist. They’ll tell you that the Character, drive and self-belief behind a founder is what makes a good startup. So, why are there only a few people out there making a measly $400 extra every month online? And more importantly how are you going to get there?

Your ideas aren’t the hangup.

Is there a shortage of ideas? Nope! There’s a shortage of 1 thing. Self-belief.

You know I’m right, don’t you? You know those Reddit-browsing sessions you indulge in? Or, that “Shark Tank” binge watching? As an entrepreneur, you have a huge penchant for ideas! You’re a thinking machine dude! Ideas aren’t your problem, it’s the doing it that cuts you short. More importantly, it’s the lack of belief that you, yes you, can do it!

Getting you started.

You can begin making $400/monthly right now. It’s as easy as choosing a viable idea. Here’s a few proven ideas that you can use to jumpstart your own business. Mix, match, remake. Choose one you know you can do, don’t get in over your head. Then do it. Just do it.

– Visit Garage sales and pick up big ticket items for cheaper, then sell on Craigslist for 2-3x.
– Buy Clearance at Wal-mart and sell on Ebay for 2-3x
– Washing/detailing cars. Make $100-200 on a Saturday morning
– Mow lawns (decent money)
– Pool cleaning business (surprisingly good money!)
– Beekeeping
– Buy a 3D printer, sign up for – Average model brings $40-50. Some up to $1000 – The printer works while you sleep, costs about $2000 upfront.
– Uber, Lyft, Postmates
– Blog (consistently) about a topic you’re familiar with and install Google Adsense to make the $ – Use to get started quick.
– Sell something homemade at a local street fair/farmer’s market (herb-infused olive oils, homemade beef jerky, scented candles)
– Create educational Youtube videos just being yourself – You’ll earn about $1/1000 views.
– Vending machines / arcade & pinball – $50-100/month per machine in a decent location.
– Create a niche review site – about 50-100 hours of initial writing. Create at least 100 good quality articles relating to the niche. Then, link to Amazon affiliate products in your articles. Become an affiliate here: Use for quick setup!
– Write a guide on a subject you know and sell it on
– If you have a truck, set up a Craigslist Junk-hauling business. Target condos or high-density areas. Some people make over $300/weekend doing this
– If you already have a dog, start a dog-walking business.
– Start a forum in a niche, use Adsense to monetize.
– Create a lead capture business for local businesses.
– Learn how to fix common phone/tablet problems and advertise using your Facebook friends or Craigslist.
– Visit or for more ideas.
– Visit for actionable steps on how to set up online businesses.

You’ll find that starting is the easiest part, it’s the continuing that’s tough. When you don’t see any income the first month, it’s easy to give up real quick. Picture your $400 idea as a mountain trail, ever heard of the Appalachian trial? You’re taking 1 step after another. All it takes to start is one step, then, it takes continuing. Don’t think about how much time you have left, just enjoy the scenery. Look at that fallen log, vault that bad boy like an Olympian! Oh look, a black bear. MACE THAT SHIZ!

Tracking your Progress.

So, you’re ready to go, you’ve chosen your idea, you’ve done some research and think it’s viable, you feel good about it and you’ve even taken your first step! What next? Remember to keep track of progress. When you’re on a mountain hike, you’ll notice those mile markers, they’re placed there for a reason. You need to create those for yourself as you keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you see your first mile marker, you’ll be excited, but when you see the next couple your enthusiasm will only increase.

Eventually you’ll want to see a mile-marker sign with some cash attached to it, but don’t worry if you don’t see that immediately. Remember that you probably won’t go viral on your first try, but you can keep at it and make some money eventually.

Confidence Boost.

You’ll find yourself enjoying life more. You’ll be more and more excited about your other ideas. Once you see just a little progress it has a way of working it’s way into other areas of your life too. Let the confidence flow and who knows where it will end up. Sky’s the limit kid. I promise you, if you choose an idea that’s proven and keep at it, you have a good chance of succeeding. Taking those consistent weekly steps will take you somewhere, even if that somewhere is just a valuable lesson without the accompanying cash.

In Closing.

If you’ve taken the steps I’ve outlined about, you’ve gone from having a million ideas to knowing that you need to choose just one, or at most a few. You learned that you need to bring your effort into a laser like focus, pew pew! You’re now a getting-things-done machine! Next, you learned that it’s wisest to choose an idea that’s already been done, or more importantly an “idea process” that’s already proven. Maybe you don’t want to haul junk using Craigslist, but you can gather that Craigslist + Your Idea could equal some cash. At least that’s the hope. You learned that creating some income from another source takes commitment. You now know that those who can’t commit needn’t apply. And last, and most importantly, you learned that YOU can do it.

Now get out there and hike your Appalachian trail you adventurer you. Enjoy every 2,168.1 miles. Watch out for the mile markers and always be encouraged. Creating an easy side business is within your grasp.

1 Click Upsell with Woocommerce

Hello internet,

In this guide I show you how to accomplish a dangerously simple 1 Click Upsell. Allowing your customers to enter their payment information only once. One checkout process, two or more products. This is accomplished by forcing each new customer to create a store login. While it sounds like a hassle, it’s only 1 extra field in the checkout process.

I’m writing this to save you some time and research. It’s a quick step-by-step guide to creating a semi 1 click upsell with Woocommerce. Why “semi” you ask? Because it’s not a perfect solution, but as my Mom always said, it’s pretty darn good.

For 1 site, it’ll cost you $97 + $49 and about 15 minutes.

First step, navigate to and buy their 2 plugins “Smart Offers” and “Woocommerce Buy Now.”

The Smart Offers plugins sets us up with the upsell functionality and the Buy Now plugin allows the upsell to automatically trigger the 2nd purchase on the order complete page of the first purchase. The only catch with this method is the fact that you need to force disable guest checkouts. It’s not a huge hassle as the only extra field they will need to enter on the checkout page is a password field.

Let’s disable Woocommerce guest checkouts real quick:

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

Ok, now let’s set up a Smart Offer. Hover the Woocommerce WordPress menu item and select the Smart Offers menu item.


Select the product you’d like to use as the offered product. The price you enter here will be the price that’s automatically charged if the customer accepts the offer, so be sure to enter the price somewhere within your upsell content. If you don’t state clearly how much they will be charged expect some cranky customers. Once they click that “Accept” button, the product is automatically purchased. It’s powerful, but also dangerous.

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

Now, fill in the desired text you’d like to use for the Upsell.

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

Paste both of the following code into the URL section for each of the Accept Offer link or button:

  • [so_acceptlink]
  • [sp_skiplink]

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

Do the same for the Skip Link using the [sp_skiplink] code and you’re good to go!

Ok, on to the nitty gritty. Here is where we set the options of when to show the Upsell in your purchase process. As you can see there’s a lot of options, the one that works the best for a 1 Click Upsell is using the “Order Complete page” option and using the Lightbox option for displaying the Upsell.

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

Go further in depth using Smart Offer’s rules section. I don’t need this, so, I’ve skipped it. If you have a specific upsell for a specific product, be sure to use this to limit where your upsell is shown.

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

To complete the Upsell setup, make sure the Buy Now plugin is installed then check out the next image and match our settings.

Woocommerce Smart Offers Step by Step Guide and Tutorial

The process works like a charm.

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check follow me for future tips. 😀

How you can use cold showers as a keystone habit to help form deeper habits.

This article isn’t really about cold showers, it’s about creating an environment for yourself where it’s easy to succeed. Where you’re free to succeed apart from “the man” telling you what to do. I’ll tell you in a bit how cold showers have helped me become more self-disciplined and consequently helped me as I seek to become happily self-employed.

The question to ask yourself would be: “if you could do one simple repetitive action that helped you stay on track, would you do it?”If the answer to that question is yes, then read on.

This article is for those of us who would rather work for ourselves than working for someone else. It’s about cultivating freedom of lifestyle. It’s about taking back ownership of our time. The biggest barrier that I’ve found to achieving that freedom is myself. More specifically, self-discipline.

“The one quality which sets one man apart from another – the key which lifts one to every aspiration while others are caught up in the mire of mediocrity – is not talent, formal education, nor intellectual brightness – it is self-discipline. With self-discipline all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goal can seem like the impossible dream. ” -Theodore Roosevelt

Caveat: Cold showers may not be your thing; I’ve outlined my personal experience below. The reason cold showers have been so beneficial to me is because they have become my keystone habit, not because a cold shower is the ultimate discipline hack. Your keystone habit could be anything from making your bed every morning to waking up at the same time every day.

 What is a keystone habit?

Also called a cornerstone habit, a keystone habit is a powerful and sustainable way to hack your strength of mind. Think the tortoise vs. the hare. A keystone habit allows you to win a small victory with the intent of influencing every area of discipline. We’ll compare the tortoise and the hare after we talk about the barrier of self-discipline.

The draw of freedom vs. the barrier of self-discipline.

In the past 15-20 years there seems to have been a pretty significant influx of people who have made the choice of self-employment. Not only has the internet made this possible, but there seems to be a mindset shift to match the new horizon of possibilities that the world of the internet brings.

Here’s the problem though, most of us would love to control our own time, and consequently our lives, by starting a business or working as a freelancer, but for many, self-discipline can seem like a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Possibly there are some of you who are already self-employed, but find life as a freelancer frustrating at best. What’s worse is that the reality of making your work support your dreams seems so close, yet somehow unattainable. You remind yourself to work harder, but the motivation comes and goes.

It can be frustrating to wake up every morning in the absence of a higher-up telling you when to work. The frustration is worse because it’s self-directed. I’m sure you know that guilty feeling after waking up far too late. You tell yourself that you can do it later that evening which turns into later that night.

It can be distracting when there’s no one telling you what to do and how to do it.

It can be difficult trying to maintain a steady schedule when you’re your own boss.

Self-employment is no cake-walk, it is the road less traveled. But the benefits far outweigh the costs.

So, how do you overcome yourself and your failures to create the life you’ve always wanted?

How a Keystone habit plays into healthy habit formation.

There are two strains of thought when it comes to habit formation.

The Hare.

The older thought process is as follows: to change a lifestyle you need to change the entire foundation. Primarily by creating a strict regimen that must be followed at any cost.

For some, this method works, for those of you like me, it simply doesn’t.

If you’re like me and have tried to diet using this train of thought. It works… as long as you stick to it. It also fails miserably if you don’t and leaves you hating yourself and hating that you even tried.

The problem is longevity.

We’ve all tried it, one mess-up day, one failure brings that flood of guilt and self-hate. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you that you should have known better, you should have tried harder. As you continue to offend your self-made promise, you push the guilt into the recesses of your mind hoping they’ll go away.

In the end you begin to give up on your goals, even if just a little. Little by little, your dreams disappear.

The Tortoise.

Conversely, through the use of a keystone habit, you begin to cultivate confidence in your own ability to discipline yourself by sticking to one simple habit.

As each day passes, your self-confidence builds. Forget guilt, forget kicking yourself every time you fail.

Because it’s such a small habit, you can use the long term vision of forming the habit as encouragement rather than relying on the negativity of prospective failure to put a fire under yourself. It’s like a life hack that affects every area of personal responsibility.

Let’s call it a halo effect. The idea is as follows, because I’m doing so well in this area, why couldn’t I do the same in this other bigger area. If I’m able to make my bed every day, why can’t that apply to writing 500 words every day, or keeping the same hours of work every day?

Cold Showers, my habit of choice.

For me, the resulting influence on my mindset has been pretty astounding. As the title suggests, my keystone habit of choice has been a wonderfully shocking cold shower every single morning.

Seriously, it’s been over 3 weeks and I’ve taken a cold shower every day but three. Even on my overnight hiking trip. How does a bath in a ridiculously cold mountain stream sound? Let me tell you, it was pretty invigorating.

 The Benefits

  • I start the day with a pattern of overcoming difficulty.
  • I subject myself to an unavoidable reminder to live self-disciplined (this one is a bigger deal than it sounds).
  • It reminds me that I can do anything.
  • I feel better about my day.
  • I feel better about myself.
  • I feel like a superman every day without fail.
  • My room is cleaner.
  • My bed is always made.
  • I can focus on my work much easier.

Let’s forget about the supposed health benefits of a cold shower; I have found the psychological benefits to far outweigh the physical benefits. It’s not about the invigorating feeling you feel after the cold shower, even though that’s pretty stellar, it’s about tricking yourself into remembering your full potential. It’s about remembering that you can do anything you set your mind on.

Let’s think of it this way, when you start off your day with a small victory rather than a small failure, you set yourself up for a bigger victories throughout the day.